Natural water shall –

  • be obtained directly from natural or drilled sources from the underground water-bearing strata for which all precautions shall be taken within the protected perimeters to avoid any pollution of, or any external effect on, the chemical and physical qualities of its natural condition;

  • be constant in its composition and have a stable discharge rate and temperature taking into account cycles of minor natural fluctuations, while it is still at the source;

  • be collected under conditions which guarantee the original bacteriological purity and chemical composition of essential components;

  • be packaged at or in close proximity to the point of emergence of the source with particular hygienic precautions;

  • be subjected to treatment only as prescribed below: Provided that the mineral content of the natural water and its essential constituents are not modified;

    • separation from unstable constituents by decantation or filtration, which can be accelerated by previous aeration;

    • removal of carbon dioxide from the natural water;

    • addition of carbon dioxide to the natural water, either direct or after initially removing carbon dioxide